Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best Meal Replacement Shake on the Market


1. 4.5 grams of fiber
2. High amounts of branched chain amino acids for recovery
3. Bromelain and Papain which are enzymes that helps break down protein
4. Amalayse is an enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates
5. Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down milk and milk products
6. Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down fats

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Positive Reinforcement

Rainy days are great. Some people may maybe not agree. But as for me, rainy days remind me of living in Holland. The green grass and trees make the air so fresh and clean that I look forward to a morning jog just so I can breath it in.

This brings me to my next subject of conversation. Once you have found your "why" you need to start looking for the positive sides of everything. I tell everyone I work with, "you are what you eat." This applies to our attitudes as well. We are only as happy as we believe we are. Feeling healthy and looking healthy go hand in hand. So much of how you live is attributed to your attribute that it cannot go without mention.

I challenge you to look at your life. Look at all the challenges you are faced with, and look for the positive. It would be so easy for me to wake up and loathe running in the rain. Its cold, wet, uncomfortable and inconvenient. But that's not what drives me to succeed. Happiness is a state of mind. So the challenge of the week is to take your personal wellness to the next level. Now that you know why you want this, enjoy the ride. They reward at the end of the road is wonderful, but the road ahead is beautiful.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Find Your Why

I would like to mention some of my thoughts on desire and drive. I have had clients come to me with unclear desires and no real end goal in sight. This is not good. This is a recipe for failure. Most us WANT to have the body we desire, but what is the real underlying reason? That's the real motivation. For each one of us, it is very different and that's why there is no easy answer.

To truly be motivated, you need to ask yourself why you want it. If you know why, then you will be willing to put in the work to get it. You need to be able to wake up in the morning and remember why you are going to exercise. You need to be able to pass up that cookie, or spend time preparing all your meals before you leave your house for the day. It is so easy to just stop somewhere for the cheap fast food deal, but that is not the way to get what you want. You need to be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone each and every day. Believe it or not, your battle is with yourself. Your body doesn't want to change. The only way to change your body is to do things your are not comfortable with. By that I mean work out a little harder. Eat that sandwich, even when the hamburger is calling your name. Bring your healthy snacks to your business meeting and eat in front of everyone. Stock your car, your office, your house with things you can eat. There is no worse punishment on your metabolism than skipping meals. Reward comes from hard work and determination. Without motivation, you are nothing.

So what I ask, is for you to ponder today and everyday. What do I want? Why do I want it? What am I going to do to get it?

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