Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eating on Vacation

Eating on vacation can be a real adventure. I arrived in Holland a few hours ago and let me tell you about my plane ride. Obviously I was not able to prepare my food for this 14 hour flight, and making due is possible, but you have to plan ahead. The longest leg of the flight was 10 hours and they fed us twice (not nearly enough). The dinner was ok, just a chicken breast and some rice and veggies. But the breakfast was a joke. A criossant and some melon. Totally imbalanced and pitifully small. Meal replacement bars are lifesavers though. I threw a couple in my carry on and I was set.

The hard part isnt always the traveling though. Its adjusting your new rules to new food and different schedules. It all comes down to making the best choices with the education you are aquiring, and sticking to the 3 rules I pound in to your head on a weekly basis. If you are not familiar with those, then I suggest getting out your book and memorizing them.

Staying lean and looking great should not be a battle, but a lifestyle. I trust that you can make wise choices, eat enough, and never miss a meal. These are key points to someone who truly has a fired up, fat burning metabolism.

I will post some more pics as I get them.

You guys are great!  

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Have fun on your trip